Does God exist?

I was reading and came across a post that said “If God is there then why is there so much suffering in the world.”

It took me back to my days when I was looking for every answer to justify my belief that God doesn’t love us at all . At one point I got so so convinced with  the idea that God doesn’t even care for me. Through His amazing grace, He has continually revealed to me that He surely exists and He is very much alive. He is not even a distant God but one who is actively involved in every aspect of our lives.

If there is someone out there ,who still wonders if God is actually there and if He even cares for them; I just want you to ask yourself another question . If God is not there, then why is there so much good in the world?

Think of all the times you got more than you deserved, all those times you had narrow escapes from tragic accidents , all those times someone blessed you with something that you really wanted and you could hardly believe it , all those days you were shown love by parents , friends and family, …the list is endless.

Take a moment to look at the good that is surrounding you and you will see that God surely exists and He does care.

Be blessed.

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