He gives us a choice

In my  previous post God Warns us, we learnt how our loving God warns us of future events. In that particular event, God warned Jacob and his family about the future that awaited them and how Joseph would have authority over them.

Genesis 37:9-11 AMP

But Joseph dreamed still another dream, and told it to his brothers [as well]. He said, “See here, I have again dreamed a dream, and lo, [this time I saw] eleven stars and the sun and the moon bowed down [in respect] to me!” 10 He told it to his father as well as to his brothers; but his father rebuked him and said to him [in disbelief], “What is [the meaning of] this dream that you have dreamed? Shall I and your mother and your brothers actually come to bow down to the ground [in respect] before you?” 11 Joseph’s brothers were envious and jealous of him, but his father kept the words [of Joseph] in mind [wondering about their meaning].


When Joseph narrated the dreams to his brothers and his father, none of them understood the dream. The brothers became jealous and none of them made an attempt to put their feelings aside and seek revelation. The father on the other hand kept the matter in mind. He probably thought about it for a while and then he let it go.


In the forty-first chapter of the same book (Genesis 41) God warns  Pharaoh in a series of dreams. In the first dream,  seven ugly thin cows ate up the seven attractive, plump cows. In the second dream, seven thin heads of grain swallowed up seven plump, ripe ones. When morning came,Pharaoh was deeply troubled, so he summoned all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men. Pharaoh  who was not even a christian sought the dream interpretation from all magicians and all wise men of Egypt after hearing from God.

In the two scenarios, God spoke two times to each of the dreamers. The first dreamers message was not received well-   No  one sought dream interpretation and Jacob kept it in mind for a while and that was the end of it. As a result, when Joseph recognized his son’s robe that was smitten in blood, he quickly thought some ferocious animal  had devoured his son. He accepted his son’s death and at a point where he should have remembered the two warnings from God. As a result, he mourned his son for years. The family went through pain and came to a point of accepting and making peace with the fact that  Joseph was dead and yet he was alive.

On the other hand, when Pharoah received the dreams he did not rest until he fought the revelation to his dreams. He sought interpretation from his magician and all the wise men of Egypt. When the  magicians and and  wise men failed to interpret his dreams, he did not give up. Through Joseph, God revealed more details about the message he had spoken to Pharaoh. Through obedience and being sensitive to the voice of God, Pharaoh became knowledgeable about the famine that was about to come the seven years of famine that were to occur in the land of Egypt and he  built a food reserve for the land against . As a result the land did not perish.


God spoke to Pharoah. God spoke to Joseph. He spoke to so many other people who lived then and He still speaks to us in this day and age.He warns us and reveals to us is future plans.Today I challenge you to choose what you wish to do with the word God speaks to you. You can either ignore it just like what Jacob and his family did. Or you can be wise like Pharaoh , who chose to hear more from God and ended up building reserves that saved people’s lives for seven good years. The choice is yours. Be Blessed!



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