Why should I keep worshiping God?

So many times I have heard people say,” We tried being Christians , it doesn’t work !” Many times they are so sure and very confident in their findings.  They justify themselves by saying; “If the pastors are  doing this and that , what about me ?” They pose questions to the believers such as  – “How can you expect more from me when Pastors , who are the men of God are failing to even live what they preach?”

They make it sound so impossible to live a righteous life.  And as  logical as their defense statements may  sound, our spiritual health is not dependent on the failings of others. Our justification before our maker will never come from the fact that others failed.

So many times, we justify the wrong that we do by finding comfort in the wrong that others do. But when it comes to being children of God, He expects much more from us. Your relationship with Him is not about the Pastor, your friends, siblings, parents or neighbors, it’s about you and Him. And the same applies to me as well.

When  the Pastor and our all significant others fall short, we have an option to grab that opportunity as an excuse for our own downfall as well OR get on our knees and intercede for them. A good child of God will always remember that everyone who sins, no matter their position or title is still a friend  who constantly needs  our prayer so that they do not fall or keep falling in the snares of the enemy.

Anyone who is living a lifestyle of sin, has been attacked and fallen. They are clay in the hands of the Potter . The Potter (God) is still working on them, the same way He is working on you. Maybe , they have let go bitterness but God is still working on their adultery. Maybe they have let go alcoholism but they are still a liar. Whatever the case might be, they are still a work in progress and we ought to treat them with grace.


So when you see the Pastor, fellow church mates or anyone around you commit any sin, do not rule them out. Neither, should you let their fault pull you down in your walk with Christ. When we witness so many bad things happening in the church ,let us not grow weary of worshiping God. Let us not doubt his existence or wonder where He is when so much evil is going on in His own House.  With love in our hearts and grace towards each other, let us intercede for them and take all necessary measures to draw them closer to Christ.

Someone’s attack should not be an instrument for your your downfall, but a catalyst to pray even more and minister to them. When Satan intends to pull you down, God intends to push you higher.  One’s downfall is an opportunity for you to draw closer to God as you seek Him even more so He can help you pull your brother or sister up.

Your relationship is with God.Even if all church members are corrupt , He  who is sits on the throne is not. He is still faithful and He is still GOD.Look unto God. Look unto Him alone!

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