We are loved

Falling madly in love with someone who loves you is a wonderful thing; You both enjoy expressing and confessing your love to one another. However, falling madly in love in love with someone who  is not even aware of your feelings is another story.

It’s easier to express our love to those whom we are certain they feel the same way about us. It is easier to make sacrifices for those who acknowledge and appreciate our love and efforts.

Making sacrifices for those who do not love us or care about us at all is really hard. Despite how difficult it is to sacrifice for those who do not care about you, God the Father sacrificed His most prized asset to sinners who did not care about Him or love Him at all. He sacrificed His one and only begotten son -for you and me so we could be part of His family. Jesus became an atonement for our sins. Through that big sacrifice, we were elevated from being servants whose future was dark, to becoming sons and daughter of the most high. We became co-heirs with Christ and heirs of the Kingdom of God.

Romans 5:8 (AMP says ):

“But God clearly shows and proves His own love for us, by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”

The greatest gift that God gave us is the gift of His son Jesus Christ, through whom our redemption came. What makes this sacrifice even sweeter is the fact that, He did not give His all, out of our perfect relationship with Him. It was not that He was returning a favor to us. Neither was He reciprocating our good acts. His gift was not a reward. There is nothing that we could have ever done to deserve such a gift. He gave His all, to children who did not even know Him, children who were separated from Him. He gave all His love because of who He is. He is a loving God and love is all He does.

Aren’t we blessed to be recipients of such love!


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