Lessons from the book of Jonah Part 3

Love Lessons for You and the sailors

  1. When the raging sea grew calm, you witnessed my power. You got to know that there exists  a more powerful God than the pagan gods you used to worship. You learnt that it is only I  who can command the winds and calm the raging sea. I am God, who wants you to know me and establish a relationship with me.
  2. As I reveal myself to you and even as I teach you about myself, you might lose some things in the process (e.g. the cargo that you cast into the sea to lighten the ship) but it is in those moments when you’re holding on to nothing that I manifest my power. I am God who is able to restore anything but there are times that I will let you  lose some things so that you can gain ME.

Love Lessons  for You and Ninevites

  1. I cannot stand sin. But because I love you , I will give you another chance to repent and let go of your wicked ways. I am merciful towards you .
  2. Even when the people I send to help you get closer to me choose to disobey me, I do not give up easily. I still find ways to make sure my plan of redemption comes to pass. When it comes to you my child, I do not easily give up because I love you.
  3. When you truly repent, I am quick to forgive. I am true to my word, when you humble yourself, pray, forsake your wicked ways  and seek my face, I hear from heaven, and will forgive your sin and will heal your land. I am God who is slow to anger but quick to forgive. I love you.

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