Would You?

Sometimes asking ourselves the right questions can do a lot to help us see life from a whole different perspective.There are some questions that can be life-changing, if we raise them, contemplate on them and  answer them honestly.

  • If you were a faithful preacher, holy and righteous before God, would you marry a prostitute if God asked you to marry one?
  • If you prayed for a child for the longest time , held  on to the promise of a child for 25 years, would you kill that child if God asked for him?
  • If an angel of the Lord appeared to you  in a dream and  gave you instructions that make no sense to you would execute them or ignore “the weird dream?”
  • If He sent you on a task that you are not qualified for , would your faith allow you to act on it?

Your answers to the above questions might be “Yes”, “No” or “maybe”. The beauty of it is that you get to keep them to yourself.

However, I just wanted to quickly encourage you  by sharing with  you one man’s response to one of the above questions.

In Genesis 9, God asked Noah to work on a task that he was not physically qualified for.

He was not a  meteorologist, so the people  probably felt not justified to listen to him when he warned them   of the flood that was to come. He was not a professional carpenter but a farmer  (Genesis 9:20) and they probably saw no hope in seeing such a big ark being successfully constructed under his guidance. The world around him did not believe in what he was doing but he fought against all odds. It took him about a hundred years to build that ark,  but despite  having no evident sign of the flood he continued working on the task until he completed it. Through his faith and godly fear, an ordinary farmer built one of the largest arks and saved his family.

If God were to ask you to step out of your comfort zone today and do the unthinkable, unimaginable and unheard of,  are  you prepared to say “Yes LORD” ?

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