Criticism Hurts You. Here’s help on how you can stop it.

When  John the baptist came into this world, the Pharisees failed to accept him. Neither did they accept his teachings. They said  he had a demon because he preached against social corruption. (Mth 11:18).

On the other hand ,when Jesus came into this world, they charged Him with intemperance.( Intemperance is the  lack of moderation or restraints. It is also defined as excessive indulgence especially in alcohol). Jesus lived a simple life,attending banquets to which He was invited to.  He accepted invitations to dine in or dine out. To Him this was an opportunity to reach key individuals with His teaching. He was not doing it to please people,  which is what we do at times when we are invited by bad company. Neither was He doing it just because everyone else was doing it.

Jesus’ lifestyle did not go well with the Pharisees, despite the fact that they lived the same lifestyle. The main difference between the Pharisees and Jesus, was the objective for attending the social gatherings.  Jesus used those meetings to minister to them (and it had nothing to do with His social status). The Pharisees could not see it that way and they criticized him.

Jesus answered them by saying they were frivolous children who couldn’t be pleased with whatever was done.(Matthew 11:19) 


We have a lot to learn from this story. As children of God, we are taught to quit complaining. We are taught to quit seeking faults in others. This is a trait that we need even in our own lives and even in the church as a whole. As sad as it sounds, there are some things that we will never understand in other people’s walk with Christ. Whether it is their calling or how they conduct themselves. But before we judge them , complain about it or even condemn them, let us go before the Lord and ask Him to give us a discerning Spirit. If the Holy spirit confirms they are with us and not against, let us appreciate and honor their calling. Let us love them and respect their walk with Christ. Let us quit complaining. And let’s stop criticizing their every move. We are not to live as if every christian is at fault except for us.

Always remember,  just because we see opposite  paths in people’s lives, it does not mean they are evil. Joseph led the children of  Israel from Israel into Egypt; And it was God’s plan. Moses, delivered them  from Egypt back to Israel; And it was still God’s plan. The same God who was with the children of Israel when they left Israel is the same God who was with them when He brought them back. Each mission had it’s own purposes and it was executed at a different time. God gave Samson the power to fight a lion with his own hands but He gave Daniel the favor to live peacefully with lions in their den. God gave Peter the power to walk on water but He allowed Jonah to drown and end up in the belly of a shark.

In everything , God’s  opinion is what matters the most. If we judge according to what the human eye sees, we’ll be just like the Pharisees- finding faults in everyone and everything. And I am here to remind you that we can surely do better!

Be blessed!


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