Welcome to  Life and Healing Online Ministry. My name is Josephine and I am so thrilled that you managed to stop by today.

A little bit about me…

I am a wife and mom  of three wonderful children.  I am a very passionate teacher of the word of God and my greatest desire is to help each and every single person I come across to develop a more intimate relationship with God.

I have a very strong background in Information Technology  and Ministerial Studies  as well.  By leveraging these two, I managed to set up this platform where I will be delivering the word of God to you. For years , I have been praying for the courage to finally step out and do what God commanded me to do. And I am so glad that my dream has finally come true.

Ministry Purpose…

Life and Healing Online Ministry  is a platform where I will be sharing with you the great amount of knowledge  that the LORD has poured into my life. He is such a wonderful Father whose desire is for His children to know Him, live by Him and develop an intimate relationship with Him. He has taken me on a journey in preparation for this task and He is not done with me yet. As He is working in me and through me ,I will be sharing with you everything that the Lord will be sharing with me. In all this – I take no part in His glory. I am a messenger and I am honored that such a mighty and wonderful King would choose a sinner like me to represent Him. I am unworthy of His mercy and as result, I do not take His mercy lightly.

Joining Hands…

My mission is to create a ‘LOVE REVOLUTION’. Through Him , I have since learned that LOVE is of utmost importance in the life of every believer. Unfortunately, many of us are living up to a standard that we have set for ourselves. And we are not fully-equipped with the knowledge of God. We do not know what it truly means to love. We do not fully know how to embrace God’s love. We do not know what matters the most to God.  I am on a journey, a journey on learning how we can please God. And I need you to join hands with me.

The  platform will also be used to  share the knowledge I have, both attained from personal experiences and that which has been passed on to me. Through that knowledge, I intend to  empower as many people as I can, so they can become the person who God created them to be. It is my desire to see everyone  move from strife to thrive as they fulfill their God- given purposes. This website will be an avenue that the LORD will use to help us develop healthier relationships. It will also impact our  spiritual, personal, physical and financial lives.

What you can do…

One of the greatest topics that I will be talking about is the  the nature of God- His love for us and how He desires us to love as much as He has loved. I have quite a number of messages that He has personally given to me and  I am so looking forward to  sharing them with you. To make sure you receive all the latest messages, subscribe to  our mailing list, so you can either receive alerts when I post something new or directly receive the messages in your inbox.

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Once again, thanks for stopping by. Be blessed!