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This is a christian group created to help each and every one of us to know more about our good LORD Jesus Christ.

The group aims at teaching the word of God, uplifting each other with our testimonies, praying for one another and spreading love to everyone around us- especially in their time of need.Our main focus is teaching the world the true definition of LOVE, how we can learn to love and how to see and receive love. We believe we are all equal before the eyes of our father who has loved us beyond what words can ever describe and sacrificed His one and only son for us . Greater love has no one than this! We love to hear from you . Inbox us your prayer requests so we can stand in agreement and pray with you . Send us a private messages for any questions, prayer requests, testimonies . With your permission we will anonymously post prayer requests and questions so that everyone on the group can strengthen you , share scriptures that will help you deal with whatever situation you are going through or stand in agreement with you in prayer. We love you so much. And God loves you more!! Always remember, He is a loving God and expects us to LOVE above everything else

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